Deane 11/20/2018
Here's a story which is not good in a lot of ways, but has a decent ending. I bought a used Jeep Grand Cherokee from Postrollo Motors up in Madison. For those of you not from here, Madison is a smaller town, about an hour away from Sioux Falls. Despite the drive, the buying process was otherwise great, and I loved the truck. For six days. On the seventh day, it had a catastrophic mechanical failure. The ring gear in the front differential sheared off a tooth. If you don't know anything about cars, take my word for it that this is very bad. I had the nightmare scenario of buying an expensive used vehicle immediately before it had a massive mechanical failure. I don't blame Postrollo for the failure. We had the Jeep checked out by an independent mechanic before we bought it, and he didn't find anything wrong. The differential wasn't making any noise or vibration. There was just no way to know it was about to fail. It was a used vehicle. These things happen. I emailed Postrollo and told them what had happened. Twelve hours later, at their insistence, they had a flatbed in Sioux Falls with a loaner vehicle strapped to the back of it. They didn't make me sign anything for the loaner. They just handed me the keys, told me to keep it until further notice, and drove off with the Jeep. They didn't charge me anything for coming to get the truck. It took two full weeks to get all the parts and make the repair. In the end, it required an entire new front drivetrain. They split the cost of the repair with me. I drove their loaner all that time. They never charged me anything for it. Clearly, I wish this hadn't of happened altogether. But this was a used truck with no warranty. Postrollo didn't owe me anything. There's an enduring cliche about a small town dealer providing superior service. In this particular situation, it was absolutely true.

Ron L. 11/6/2018
A great place to bring your car very courteous people very efficient on getting the work done and they don't try to sell you everything in the store

David E. 11/6/2018
The service department is awesome. My son just started attending DSU from Arizona. He had an electrical problem with his car and called me in Az. Not knowing anyone in Madison I called Prostrollo and spoke to Kip. He was awesome. They picked up my sons car at the college, took it back to the shop, and fixed the problem for half the price I was expecting. Being so far from my son, I am very grateful for their help and service.

Renae L 6/27/2018
I love, love my vehicle!! The lights auto dim and brighten, the cruise control automatically slows me down. Thank you bunches!

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