Low Mileage Vehicles

Benefits of Buying a Car With Low Mileage

Used cars depreciate more slowly than new cars and are cheaper to buy, maintain, and repair. Of course, when you buy a used car, you're not the first owner so you don't know the history of the car. However, a vehicle history report and Kelley Blue Book ratings can help you determine whether the used vehicle in question is a good buy. 

Another benefit of buying a used car with fewer miles on the odometer is that when you purchase a low-mileage used car, you're more likely to get the best bang for your buck! With a low-mileage car, the parts have less wear and tear than high-mileage used cars. Thus, you can expect a vehicle with lower mileage to have more life left in it. 

As with any used vehicle, you may need to replace certain parts sooner than you would with a new car -- such as the brake pads, tires, clutch and flywheel, and timing belt. A car with low mileage has a higher resale value, meaning you have to spend more buying it. However, if you can keep the mileage at 12,000 miles a year or less, you can sell it at a higher value than a high-mileage vehicle of the same age. 

Here are some questions that car shoppers frequently ask about low-mileage used cars:

What Is Considered Low Mileage for a Used Car?

The mileage of a vehicle is described as the average number of miles driven per year. The average mileage of a vehicle is 12,000 miles per year. A car with less than 60,000 miles after five years is considered low mileage. The current mileage of a vehicle is considered low or high relative to its age. 

Do Low Mileage Cars Cost More?

Yes! Vehicles with low mileage cost more than high-mileage cars. This is because high-mileage cars have lower depreciation, and they may have potential damage that requires repairs. You may need to replace key body and engine parts. 

Is an Old Car With Low Mileage Good?

An older car with low mileage can be a great deal. A used car with low mileage is affordable, and depending on the condition, it can be reliable for many more years. It also depends on whether the previous owners were responsible with routine maintenance such as oil and filter changes.

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